• 13. CFEME approves an A1 Air Factor

    January 10, 2020 by

    So I just receive an email from CFEME that says that CFEME approves an A1 Air Factor for RCAF Pilot duties effective this date and to advise my PSO. I’ll try getting a hold of them today. Now it’s literally just waiting and praying until April/May until the offers come out. Next post will be… Read more

  • 12. Initial Aircrew Medical

    December 23, 2019 by

    I’m a little late writing this, as my Aircrew Medical was 12 days ago, but that’s okay! So on 10 December I flew out to Toronto and landed around 6pm. I went out to the Taxi area and just waited in line for a cab. Took the cab to the hotel near CFEME (montacassino hotel… Read more

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